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E23: Lola Oduwole on the "Deadmonton" myth

E23: Lola Oduwole on the "Deadmonton" myth

The Afroedmontonian who's inspiring immigrants to open up and enjoy themselves.

There are a ton of reasons we, as immigrants, feel compelled to work all the time.

  • You just spent all your savings moving to a new country

  • You probably took a couple of steps down the career ladder

  • You’ve got black tax to remit every other month.

Lola, the Afroedmontonian, is on a mission to change that. She joined me on The Newcomers Podcast to chat about:

  • The ‘Deadmonton Myth”

  • One of her most embarrassing moments during her first week in Edmonton

  • The abrupt end to the honeymoon phase of her immigration journey

  • Launching the Afroedmontonian during her maternity leave

  • Inspiring immigrants to let loose and enjoy themselves

  • Why you should move to Edmonton if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, and more.


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And if you’re looking to visit Edmonton sometime this year, we’ve collaborated with Lola to curate a calendar of events happening in Edmonton through the rest of 2024:

2024 Calendar; Edmonton Events
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Planning to stop by Edmonton sometime this year? Here's a taste of what awaits you all year round!

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