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E21: 'Dotun Ayodele-Bamisaiye on being a spoiled immigrant

E21: 'Dotun Ayodele-Bamisaiye on being a spoiled immigrant

"I moved to Canada before moving to Canada became a thing."

Dotun Bamisaiye moved to Canada long before moving to the Great White North became a thing.

Back then, he would be the only one speaking Yoruba on his train ride to work. Today, he says the train ride hosts a medley of Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo, and other African languages.

He joined me on The Newcomers Podcast to chat about:

  • Leaving Nigeria reluctantly

  • The black nod

  • The danger of a single story

  • Finding a job when most Canadian employers weren't looking to hire Nigerians

  • How best to prep for the Canadian tax season and more.


If you’re looking to do your taxes, Dotun is a great guy to speak to about the best tax planning and compliance approach.

He also offers a personal tax course for people new to Canada who want to understand Canadian taxation and how to plan for income tax.


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