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E31: Denys Smushko on hitting the ground running

E31: Denys Smushko on hitting the ground running

"Always verify any information you get."

Denys Smushko moved to Canada within six months. He then spent one year in Olds, a town in Central Alberta, working with a group of Ukrainians at a hardware store.

Talk about a soft landing.

But things got hairy once he decided to go to school.

It even got more complicated when it was time to get a job. Denys describes struggling with self-doubt, questioning himself, and thinking he wasn’t good enough.

Today, Denys helps other immigrants settle in via the RBC Newcomers program. He joined me on The Newcomers Podcast to chat about:

  • His honeymoon phase and the subsequent reality check

  • The stuff he sees immigrants get wrong when trying to settle in

  • His how to hit the ground running playbook

  • Job hunting in Canada vs. back home in Ukraine

  • The RBC Newcomers program, how they help immigrants, and more.


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