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The Newcomers Podcast
E26: Annie on immigrating to Finland

E26: Annie on immigrating to Finland

"I've done my best to integrate into the Finnish society."

“I could hear my heart beat for the first time in many years.”

If you have ever been to Lagos, you’ll understand what Annie meant here. The noise and pulsating energy that drive the city forward are second to none.

But moving from the hustle and bustle of Naija’s busiest city to Tampere, Finland, was a massive change. Annie joins me on The Newcomers Podcast to chat about:

  • Struggling with integrating into her new home

  • Navigating the language barrier and how it affects everyday life

  • Getting stranded in a snowstorm

  • And tips for anyone looking to move to the “Land of the Thousand Lakes.”

P.S. Do you agree that Google Translate is the worst tool for learning a language?


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The Newcomers Podcast
The Newcomers Podcast
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