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E19: Suhas Pai on Canada's approach to immigrants

E19: Suhas Pai on Canada's approach to immigrants

"Canada is more diverse and accepting than most countries."

There’s so much stuff to unpack in this conversation with Suhas Pai, the Co-founder and CTO of Hudson Labs.

Have you ever heard of the honeymoon phase of immigration? The phase of your immigration journey where everything seems rosy and romantic? And then reality hits you like a truck loaded with sourdough flour.

Or his take on how the pressure of home ownership in North America affects how we approach money. It’s hard to ignore that point.

Suhas moved from India to The Netherlands as a student, and then, 8+ years later, he moved to Canada. You’ll enjoy his insights on:

  • Canada’s diversity and its approach to immigration

  • The cultural differences between Canada and The Netherlands

  • The European approach to credit and how that’s defined him

  • Why he doesn’t want to own a car or a big house, and more.


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