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E17: Sahar Rahmani on dealing with overwhelm

E17: Sahar Rahmani on dealing with overwhelm

The former data science leader at RBC and Shopify joins me to chat about dealing with overwhelm, her saddest moments in Canada, parenting, and more.

Sahar Rahmani could run rings around you all day if you both talked about cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and data science. But that didn’t stop her from feeling overwhelmed by the milk aisle on her first visit to a supermarket in Canada.

She ended up calling a friend to ask which was the one closest to what they had back home in Iran.

I had a similar experience - only mine was with Benylin, the cough expectorant.

It’s wild how the things we take for granted back in our home countries suddenly become tripwires as we go through the motions of settling into our new country.

But that’s not the only thing Sahar and I talk about. We also explore:

  • The importance of finding your community

  • Passing on the beauty of your culture to your kids

  • Her saddest moments as an immigrant in Canada

  • The one thing she would have done differently

  • The tradeoffs she has had to make, and much more.


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